MEG wiki🔗

Wiki for the MEGIN Triux Neo at the Fondation Campus Biotech Geneva. With 306 SQUID sensors, 204 planar gradiometers and 102 magnetometers, it can measure brain activity in upright or supine position.

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Where to find us🔗

The MEEG-BCI facility is located in H4.01. The main entry is in front of the Time-out shop. Access to H4.01 is restricted and requires a valid badge.

Contact us🔗

The facility can be contacted on and depending on the modality requested. Alternatively, you can contact directly one of the facility members:

Booking the MEG🔗

The MEG can be booked on Campus Biotech Calpendo through the researcher individual account used for all FCBG facilities equipment. Only approved projects can book the MEG. Please contact the facility team if you need access to Calpendo.